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Scranton Pennsylvania Bat Removal is our specialty at Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control. As one of the area’s leading bat removal companies in Scranton PA, we know what it takes to get rid of your bat problem. Do you have bats invading your home or business? We handle all bat removal and exclusion jobs safely and humanely. Our Scranton wildlife removal experts can exclude and remove bats from any residential or commercial property, including attics, schoolhouses, offices, stores, churches and more. Our live bat exclusion process involves installing one-way bat doors so the bats can’t re-enter the building after flying away. Once we’ve removed all the bats from the building, we’ll inspect the property and install preventative measures to keep out any future bat infestations. This can involve installing a wire mesh barrier over the roof ridge, installing new vent ridge systems, sealing off access holes and crevices, installing airbags in problem areas and more. We also clean up bat guano and remove bat carcasses. Give us a call at bat removal Scranton Pennsylvania.

Our Bat Removal Services

  • A through inspection and assessment of your bat problem.
  • Safely & humanly getting rid of bats at the appropriate time (bat removals are not generally performed during the bat birthing season).
  • Bat proofing the structure to help keep bats out.
  • Proper removal and disposal of bat guano (bat feces or bat poop).
  • Bat bug remediation if necessary. Bat bugs are similar to bed bugs.

Health Issues Associated With Bats

  • Bats are potential carriers of the rabies virus. Although their infection rate is low, the risk is real. Read our Q & A on Rabies in Bats.
  • Bat guano may contain the Histoplasma capsulatum fungal spores. Inhaling these spores may lead to histoplasmosis. It is usually not serious if confined to the lungs and treated in time, but can be fatal if spread throughout the body. Read about Bat Guano Removal.
  • Bat bugs, a parasite closely related to the bed bug.

How To Get Rid Of Bats

Do you have bats in your attic? Is there a bat flying around inside your home? How do I get rid of bats you ask. By calling your local Scranton Pennsylvania bat removal professionals at Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control. Call us today at (570) 983-3772 for safe and humane Scranton Pennsylvania Bat Removal. We know How To Get Rid Of Bats.

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