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orange virginia bat removalOrange Virginia Bat Removal has a mission of providing permanent solutions, when applicable, to homeowners, businesses, and government agencies experiencing bat problems through unparalleled service, knowledge, and attitude in a friendly, courteous and professional manner while establishing a reputation as the Orange bat pest experts of choice for any job large or small in Orange County and Barboursville.

As bat management specialists, Orange Virginia Bat Removal understands that each situation is different and needs a customized plan of action.  Our experience allows us to evaluate the situation and determine the best plan of action to resolve your bat problem.  By working with the homeowner, agency, or manager with a team approach, we are able to successfully resolve bat problems using a variety of techniques and education.  This approach has led us to be recognized as Orange’s bat management experts in the conservation management community.

Our Orange Virginia Bat Removal Company specializes in bat management issues.  With over 10 years of experience in bat management practices and techniques as one of Orange Virginia’s few bat management specialists, we are able to quickly evaluate the situation and take steps for immediate intervention.  Our number one priority is the safety and peace of mind of clients experiencing a bat conflict.  By identifying and focusing on the problem and not the symptoms, Orange Virginia Bat Removal has a track record of providing long-term and whenever possible permanent solutions to your bat problem.

Bats always seem to find their way to Orange.  If you have bats in your attic in Orange Virginia, and you need to get the bats out of your attic – guess what – we can get the bats out and keep them out!

Do you have a bat infestation in Orange Virginia?  If you need references from any of our Orange Virginia bat removal or bat control customers in your area give us a call, we can probably provide them.

Certain areas of Orange have different types of construction, especially in Orange and the older historic parts of the city.

We are concerned about your family’s health and advise that if you do have bats in your attic and you need the bats out of your house – give us a call and a bat removal professional will be happy to help you. Do not go into your attic at night if it is infested with bats. Bat rabies shots could run over $2,000.00 dollars!

Here are some bat facts you will need to know if your attic has bats or at the peak of your roof.

  1. Do not go into your attic at night!
  2. Do not handle a live bat or a suspected dead bat on the ground.
  3. Bats are not trying to fly into your hair, they are beneficial to our environment!
  4. We exclude the bats.
  6. We can seal your home against future bat problems and guarantee it in writing with a warranty.
  7. Your bat problem will not fix itself.
  8. Bat deterrent sprays, bat repellents, lights and pulsating sound devices do NOT work to solve 99.9% bat problems.  They are a waste of time and money.  And they will only give you a false sense of security that the bats have left your home.
  9. If you find a live bat in the living space of your home, the bat must be tested for rabies. bites are not detected, and the bat rabies variant is fatal once contracted.  Less than 1% of bats test positive for rabies.
  10. Do it yourself bat removal during the winter months when you think the bats have left your Midlothian home to hibernate in a cave is risky.  Some bats do leave your home in the winter, but most bats like the little brown bat and the big brown bat will hibernate in your home.
  11. Accumulations of bat guano in an attic can pose a serious Health Risk to you and your family.  Trying to clean up large accumulations of bat guano without the proper personal protective equipment can give you a lung disease called Histoplasmosis, which can be fatal if not treated by a medical professional.  Respirators purchased from large box stores will not protect you.
  12. We do not use pesticides to remove bats from an attic, nor is there a pesticide registered with the EPA that will get rid of bats.  We only use pesticides to kill the bat bugs, similar to bed bugs, left behind where the bats were roosting and in the bat guano.

In addition to our bat removal services in Orange, Virginia, we also offer Bat Guano Removal and Bat Bug Removal. During our scheduled visit to your home we will also provide you with an estimate to remove the bat poop from your attic along with the bat bugs.

We can remove bats from an attic.  If you are looking for a Orange, VA bat removal professional, we’re available to help you with your bat problem.  Every member of our staff has successfully completed the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) Bat Standards Compliant Course.  We are the bat removal experts in Orange, Virginia.

Orange Bat Bug Removal Services

Bat bugs (Cimex adjunctus) or bat mites are found around a bat roost in an attic and more commonly in bat guano accumulations in Orange, Virginia. The bat bug is a very close relative to the bed bug (Cimex lectularius). Because they look so much alike, a microscope is needed to confirm the bat bug vs. bed bug in Orange, bat bug removal services

Your Orange, Virginia bat removal professionals are often asked questions about how to get rid of bat bugs or a bat bug infestation in order to solve a bat bug problem.

  1. What is the difference between bat bugs versus bed bugs in Orange, Virginia?
  2. What is the price to remove bat bugs in Orange, Virginia?
  3. Is it possible to get rid of the bat bugs in Orange, Virginia?
  4. How do you kill the bat bugs in Orange, Virginia?
  5. Are bat bugs similar or resemble bed bugs in Orange, Virginia?

Bat bugs are ectoparasites (blood sucking) and as their name suggests, bats are their host or food source. Bat bugs around colonies of bats in Orange, Virginia will occasionally wander away from the bat roost area or guano accumulations. And when this happens they may bite humans.  When people get bat bugs in their bedroom in Orange Virginia, it is usually because of the absence of the bats. Bat bug bites are not dangerous. As far as your Orange bat bug removal pro knows, bat bugs do not transmit any diseases.

In order to get control of the bat bugs your Orange, Virginia bat removal professional must first get rid of the bats that are present in the home or building in Orange, Virginia. Bat removal techniques also known as “bat exclusion” or sealing the areas of the structure that emit air draft is the first course of action. There are no pesticides that are labeled to control bats in attics.  Pesticides are harmful to bats. Treating bat bug areas with a pesticide without eliminating the bats first is against the law and will only provide a short-term fix.  Once the bat colony has been removed from the structure in Orange, Virginia, the bat guano accumulations must be treated with a residual pesticide that will kill the bat bugs and bat bug eggs.  In addition to treating the bat guano in Orange, Virginia, your Orange, Virginia bat bug removal expert will also treat the bat roost area and any cracks, crevices, or other bat bug hiding places.

Once the bat roost areas and bat guano accumulation in your attic has been treated to kill the bat bugs in Orange, Virginia, your Orange City, Virginia bat guano removal expert will then remove the bat guano from the structure.

Orange Bat Guano Removal Services

orange bat guano removal servicesYour local Orange Virginia bat removal professional is often asked several questions about bats in Orange, Virginia or bat guano health risks in Orange, Virginia and the dangers of bat guano in Orange, Virginia or dangers of bat droppings in Orange, Virginia. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions about bats in Orange, Virginia and bat guano removal in Orange, Virginia?

  1. What are the health dangers of bat guano in Orange, Virginia or health hazards of bat guano in Orange, Virginia?
  2. How to clean up bat guano in Orange, Virginia?
  3. Is bat poop dangerous in Orange, Virginia or is bat poop toxic in Orange, Virginia?
  4. What are the bat guano dangers in Orange, Virginia?
  5. What are the diseases carried by bats in Orange, Virginia?
  6. What are the effects of bat guano on health in Orange, Virginia?
  7. What is bat feces disease in Orange, Virginia?
  8. What is the cost of bat guano cleanup in Orange, Virginia?

So, before you try removing bat guano from house in Orange, Virginia you should learn about the effects of inhaling bat guano first.  Bat poop is dangerous in Orange, Virginia. One of the dangers of bats in attics is that they have the potential to produce a lot of bat excrement and bat urine. The color of bat guano is dark brown to black when it is fresh and light brown when it is dry. Bat droppings, bat scat, bat poop, bat guano or whatever you want to call it can or will create a bat guano health risk. Bats produce more than three times their body weight in potentially toxic bat droppings every week during the summer months when they are active. Bats fly from late in the evening at dark to the early morning before daylight, so they need to ingest a lot of calories to fuel their several hours of flying. What goes in a bats mouth must come out and a lot of insect consumption equals lots of Bat droppings. It does not take long for even a small number of bats to foul up your attic and interior wall voids if they are not dealt with quickly. Depending on the size of the bat colony, a nasty little fungus called Histoplasmosis that bats can excrete in their droppings and will grow in moist piles of bat droppings.  If you directly inhale Histo spores you could end up quite sick and depending on your age and respiratory health, you could end up blind, with permanent flue like symptoms or in extreme cases death.

With all this in mind, the truth is that the majority of bat droppings found in attics and walls in Orange are harmless if undisturbed. The thought of bat guano in your attic may be disgusting, but no threat to your health. Only a small number of bats contract Histoplasmosis and excrete the fungus in their droppings. Still the fungus can’t grow unless the piles of droppings are very large. Small amounts of Bat poop in your attic or walls is not a threat to your health unless the bat guano is disturbed. Undisturbed bat droppings are the safest bat droppings in Orange, Virginia. You would have to directly inhale the Histo spores from the bat guano to even potentially get sick. In most cases of bat guano abatement is not necessary and a waste of money. Your Orange, Virginia bat professional can get rid of bats in attic and perform bat exclusion before the bats make too much of a bat guano biohazard, but your Orange, Virginia bat removal expert can only advocate the abatement of bat guano from attic and walls in some cases where the bats have left a lot of bat guano. Bat guano removal should only be recommended by your Orange, Virginia bat removal professional under the following circumstances.

  1. Large accumulations or piles of bat guano.
  2. You have a respiratory illness.
  3. You are pregnant or have small children in the house.
  4. The attic space is being used for storage or a kids play room.
  5. There is ductwork in the attic that leads to the living areas of the structure.
  6. The heating and air system is in the attic.
  7. You are planning on renovating the space or are tearing out the walls/ceilings that may have bat droppings behind or on top of them.
  8. You are changing the insulation. Insulation companies will offer to remove the insulation fairly cheaply for you, but they should not be used for this purpose as they do not have the proper OSHA training or safety equipment needed to remove Bat guano safely. (The proper HEPA filtered respirators, air scrubbers, vacuums, and suites similarly used for asbestos and mold abatement). If an untrained insulation worker or wildlife control operator becomes sick you could be liable.
  9. If you plan to sell the house or building, bat droppings typically become a red flag for home or commercial building inspectors.  Uneducated buyers are often told the worst-case scenario and will want to back out of the contract regardless of the amount of bat guano.
  10. If you just cannot stand the thought of the bat droppings in your house or building.  It is up to the customer to determine if they want to live with the bat guano or have your Orange Virginia bat removal professional remove them.
  11. Commercial buildings with workers or customers.

If there is a small colony bats in your Orange, Virginia house or building, you really have no need to worry about the bat droppings left behind. If you encounter a small amount of scattered droppings somewhere in your home or building, just pick them up with a wet paper towel and flush them down the toilet. Under no circumstances should you try to clean-out bat guano from the attic yourself. Big box store dust-masks and even full-face respirators are not adequate equipment to safely work around bat droppings in confined spaces like an attic. Remember, undisturbed bat guano is the safest bat guano.

If you cannot afford to have it removed by your Orange, Virginia bat removal pro, leave it alone.  Do not try to learn how to remove bat guano from attic in Orange, Virginia.

Bat droppings do not smell. Bat urine has a very distinctive odor and often there are times that home owners do not even notice it.  If your bat removal professional can smell bat urine inside the living or working area of a structure, it means the bat problem could be out of control. During hot humid weather your bat removal professionals often get calls from customers whose houses or buildings smell because of a bat infestation that has not been dealt with. In most of these situations a major cleanup of bat droppings and contaminated insulation in necessary. Small infestations of bats usually do not produce enough bat urine odor that can be noticed inside. However, bat populations grow quite large over time and it is best to have your Orange, Virginia bat removal professional get rid of bats before the bat colony causes damage to the structure.

Additional Services:

In addition to our Orange bat removal and bat control services, we also offer animal control, beaver removal, bird netting, bird control, chipmunk removal, coyote removal, dead animal removal, deer removal, deer repellents, flying squirrel removal, fox removal, groundhog removal, mice removal, mole removal, muskrat removal, opossum removal, pest control, pigeon removal, raccoon removal, rat removal, otter removal, skunk removal, snake removal, squirrel removal, tick control, wildlife repairs, wildlife control, wildlife removal, woodchuck removal, woodpecker removal, and vole removal in Orange VA.

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