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Mitchell South Dakota bat removal. We provide humane and effective solutions to all of your bat removal needs. Call today to talk with one of our bat experts. You’ll quickly learn that we love our job and how we can get rid of your bat problem at a reasonable cost.

Your Mitchell South Dakota Bat Removal Pros

Got bats in your attic. We keep the bats out. Humane bat removal. Insurance claim work for bat guano, raccoon feces and urine infestations.

Humane Bat Removal In Mitchell South Dakota

Bats select homes that offer small openings that help them protect their colonies from other predators. Bat often gain entry through poorly installed or poorly maintained homes and often gain access through vents such as gable or ridge vents and into attics. They also gain access through chimneys and can often end up being found flying or rooting in your home someday.

The Bat Inspection Process

We will inspect your entire home, business, commercial or industrial property. We consult you of any bat or vermin issues or concerns that we find. Our bat inspection is a comprehensive audit of the state of maintenance of your home, we will also present you with a list of necessary repairs or maintenance that we feel your structure requires to remain free of bats and other animals.

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