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We are the local bat removal and bat control professionals in Kokomo, Indiana.

We get calls all the time from customers in Kokomo Indiana who are scared to death because they have a bat flying around in their home or business. Sometimes homeowners go into their attics and see bats roosting in the vents on their home. They aren’t sure how to remove the bats or exactly what they should do to get rid of the bats that are terrorizing them. For any type of bat removal problem in Kokomo Indiana we recommend that you call the folks at American Animal Control, LLC. They have a reputation for being the best local bat removal and bat control company in the area.

Bats are fascinating creatures. They are the only mammal capable of true flight, and they use sonar (echolocation) to navigate through their environment and capture prey. All bats that occur in Kokomo Indiana are insectivores, meaning they eat insects. A bat feeding on beetles, mosquitoes and moths can eat half of its body weight each night, an attribute that makes them extremely beneficial to humans. Many insects eaten by bats are harmful agricultural and forest pests.

Thirteen bat species have been documented in Indiana. Six species primarily use underground sites such as caves, mines, or tunnels to hibernate in winter. They use caves, trees and/or other structures for summer roosts. Four species are found in Indiana either during the summer reproductive season or spring and fall migration. The remaining three species are exceedingly rare in Indiana; the few records for these species are from caves during winter hibernation.

Kokomo Indiana bat removal and control is a specialty of the folks at American Animal Control, LLC. They understand the problems associated with bats getting into homes and stand ready to assist with your Kokomo Indiana Bat Removal and Bat Control problem in the safest and most humane manner possible. Toni Siri and his team at American Animal Control, LLC train throughout the year which explains why they are the areas best at removing bats in Kokomo, IN. They know how to get rid of bats and keep them out.

Most bats that get into the living quarters of a home are baby or juvenile bats. Incidents of bats inside the living space usually occurs during the bat birthing season when the young bats wonder off from the roost sight and find that small opening leading into your home. Most people when they get a bat inside their home do one of two things – both of which are wrong. They either kill the bat or the capture it and release it outside. There are two problems with killing a bat. First it may be a species protected by Federal or Indiana State Law. Secondly, if you kill the bat you may affect the ability to test the bat for rabies which could result in you having to undergo expensive rabies treatment. If you release the bat back outside it will in all likelihood reenter your home the same way it got in before. Also, you will not be able to test the bat for rabies and may have to undergo treatment for possible rabies exposure. Again, treatment can be very expensive.

So what do you do if you have a bat problem and need profession bat removal services? You call the Kokomo Indiana bat removal experts at American Animal Control, LLC. They know how to safely and humanely address any type of bat issue you may have. Once they’ve removed the bats from your Kokomo home and bat proofed the structure so these critters cannot get back in, they can remove any bat guano and replace damaged insulation too. These folks are true professionals at providing bat control services and ensuring your structure is now bat free.

Consideration should always be given to hiring Kokomo bat removal companies that are licensed and insured, and are aware of the best methods for getting rid of bats, adequately bat proofing the structure, safely handling and disposing of the bat guano that may contain the histo virus, and treating for those nasty bat bugs, if needed. That’s why people that want their bat job done correctly call American Animal Control.

We don’t recommend that do-it-yourselfers (DIY) try to remove bats from their home or other structures. Do It Yourself bat removal almost always leads to disastrous results for the home or business owner. Bat removal requires an intimate knowledge of bats and their behaviors. Removing bats from structures should be left to the experts at American Animal Control, LLC.

AMERICAN ANIMAL CONTROL, LLC is your local Howard County bat removal specialist in Kokomo Indiana. I have communicated with them for years and find that they are the best company in the area for providing safe, humane and effective bat control solutions.  They really know how to get rid of bats, do the work necessary to bat proof the structure, safely remove bat guano (bat poop), and treat for bat bugs if necessary. They guarantee their work and should you ever need to reach them, they’re only a phone call away.

In the KOKOMO, INDIANA area, the need for bat removal services is very common. Bats problems are unique compared to other wildlife problems. Some of the bat species found in KOKOMO, IN are protected, so they must be removed carefully and humanely.  Bat removal services are construction based, meaning a detailed home inspection must be done before giving a quoted price for bat removal services. American Animal Removal, LLC utilizes advanced “bat exclusion” techniques to safely and humanely remove bats from your home and/or attic. They remove the bats from your home so they cannot get back inside – guaranteed! Bat are important to the eco-system in Indiana, but you don’t want them in your house. Their bat removal process utilizes industry leading techniques that have been proven effective at getting rid of bat problems throughout Kokomo, IN. Best of all they are licensed and insured, and stand behind their work.


If you’re looking for the area’s top rated KOKOMO INDIANA bat removal specialist to remove bats in your attic or other locations on a structure in KOKOMO, INDIANA or surrounding areas, give us a call.

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