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Binghamton New York bat removal should never be conducted by those who lack the proper training and licensing to safely and thoroughly get rid of bats that have made your home their home. Sometimes, a bat job done incorrectly can be worse than doing nothing at all. When in doubt, or if you have questions on bats and their remediation, call the local experts for bat removal Binghamton New York.

How Do Bats Get In A Structure

Bats, although they may not seem like it – particularly if they’re flying around inside your home, are tiny critters. A lot of adult bats can enter an opening 3/8″ by 1″ or larger. That’s not a very big opening. Common bat entry points include:

  • Attic or gable ends vents
  • Roof ridge vents
  • Gaps and openings along chimney flashing
  • Chimneys and fireplaces
  • Loose or missing siding
  • Soffit and eaves
  • Roof edge drip lines

Are Bats Dangerous

We are often asked if bats are dangerous. The short answer is yes, they can be. Bats are considered a rabies vector species. If you find a bat in the living quarters of your home, your best approach is to contact your local health department and have if tested for rabies. Don’t kill the bat and dispose of it. By doing so you may lose the ability to have it tested for rabies, and some bats are protected by Federal and State laws. Don’t capture the bat and put it outside, Again you lose the ability to test the bat for rabies, and it will probably just reenter the house again.

How Do I Catch A Bat

We don’t recommend untrained homeowners to try and catch a bat. Bats have a lot of tiny and very sharp teeth. Like most animals, they will try to bite, particularly if they feel threatened.

So There’s A Bat In My House, What Do I Do?

Never try to handle a bat problem yourself. Too many things can go wrong. You want to immediately contact the local bat removal professionals at Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control. They know exactly how to get rid of bats safely and humanely without harming the bats and keeping you and your family safe during the removal process. Still not convinced? Call the people we recommend for bat removal Binghamton New York at (607) 621-9615.

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