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Welcome to our Arlington, Virginia bat removal service page! If you are in need of professional bat removal services in Arlington, VA, you have come to the right place. Our team of expert bat removal specialists is dedicated to providing safe, humane, and effective bat removal solutions to homes and businesses in Arlington and the surrounding areas.

Expert Bat Removal From Attics and Homes In Arlington, Virginia

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Bat Removal Arlington VA

Arlington Virginia Bat Removal Pros. Need to hire the best Arlington Virginia Bat Removal company? Well you’ve come to the right place. Bat removal in Arlington VA is our specialty. Not all Arlington wildlife removal companies are the same. Some have experience providing bat removal services and are familiar with the proper methods for bat exclusion. But others use incorrect techniques, such as bat traps, summer exclusions, or worse, fumigants and poisons. Do your research before you hire a bat removal company. We personally feel that our technicians are the best for bat control in Arlington VA.

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We are your local Arlington Virginia Bat Removal bat professionals in Arlington VA and abide by these bat removal principles:

  • Always perform a proper live exclusion.
  • Never use poisons or fumigants or kill bats.
  • Never use traps or attempt to relocate bats.
  • Never do a removal during the maternity season.
  • Seal all entry points shut with guarantee.
  • Offer attic cleanup and decontamination.
  • Properly Virginia licensed and insured.

As I discuss repeatedly on this website, the Arlington Virginia bat removal process is not easy, and certainly not for amateurs. We have seen many horrible attempts at bat colony removal throughout the years, done both by do-it-yourself homeowners and by incompetent companies. Never hire a Arlington pest control company that uses poisons for rodent or insect control. They often attempt the same approach for bats. Not only is this incredibly destructive and illegal in Virginia, but it results in disaster for the homeowner, and does not actually solve the bat problem. It’s very important that the removal of bats from the attic of your home is done in the correct manner, and there is only one correct way, with a live bat exclusion using proper bat removal devices.

To read more about this process, read the bats in the attic home page.

Before you hire anyone to do Arlington Virginia bat removal give us a call and we will gladly explain the bat removal process and our experience at bat removal in Arlington VA. We want you to feel comfortable with the process and are understand the steps we will take to ensure you and your family’s safety. Our bat removal process is safe and humane which is good for the bats too. Bats really are good animals and good for the environment. We know you’ll find our services provide you with a good experience for your Arlington bat control project. You can email me personally if you have any problems with our company, but I doubt that will be necessary.

Arlington wildlife control company bat reader email:

Hi, I am trying to utilize the useful info on your Website to bat proof my home. Do you ever see instances where the bats will enter an attic through the attic vent? Obviously, we cannot plug those areas. Do attic vents typically have a screen built in or should I replace the gable-end attic vent and make sure there is a screen over it. I have no evidence they are entering there I just want to be sure before I seal the other areas that they don’t then go in through the attic vent. Also, once the house is sealed, will the bats go someplace else nearby or leave the area entirely? Thanks for your help.

My response: Bats often enter through the attic vents. All you have to do is install 1/4″ grade steel mesh over the areas once you’ve excluded the bats. This way the vents will retain their full ventilation.

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For bat removal in Arlington, call us at (307) 413-8093. We can remove bats in attics throughout Arlington County and the State of Virginia. We are recognized as the best bat control company in the Northern VA area.

We are your local, #1 company providing solutions to any and every type of nuisance animal problem. In the Arlington area, the need for bat removal is very common. Bats problems are unique versus other wildlife pest removal services.  Many of the types of bats found in Arlington are protected, so they must be removed carefully and humanely.  Bat removal services are construction based, meaning a detailed home inspection must be done before giving a quoted price for the bat exclusion work. Our bat removal experts in Arlington County utilizes the most modern remedies to safely and humanely remove bats from your home and/or attic.  We exclude the bats out of your home, and they cannot get back inside, guaranteed!


If you’re looking for a ARLINGTON VIRGINIA bat removal specialist to remove bats in your attic or other locations on a structure in ARLINGTON or surrounding areas, give us a call :